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Offshore Collection
Nautical Treasure Jewelry
Swordfish Pendant

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Nautical Treasure Jewelry
Mahi-Mahi Pendant

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Nautical Treasure Jewelry
Blue Marlin Pendant

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Nautical Treasure Jewelry
Broadbill Swordfish Pendant

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About the Jewelry


Nautical Treasure™ Jewelry is masterfully finished and molded in a proprietary fashion to render the highest quality replication of the original artwork. Our copyrighted nautical jewelry designs are then casted in low production runs in the precious metal of your choice (10K, 14K, 18K Gold, Silver, or Platinum,) using the ancient lost wax method. All of our pendants are set with high quality faceted gem stone eye (ruby or sapphires are standard, but any stone can be included on special orders.)

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About the Artist


In 1970, Louie Denolfo earned a Bachelors in Art at the University of Hawaii and began carving fish and Hawaiian Fishhook pendants shortly thereafter. Louie took this art form to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa all through the 70’s, and inspired a huge bone carving handicraft industry in the islands. In 1983, Louie migrated to New Zealand with his Samoan wife Sasa, and soon became Lake Taupo’s most known Fly Fishing guide. Louie returned to Samoa in 1996 as a guest artist for the 7th South Pacific Festival of the Arts, where he was billed as the "Grandfather of Contemporary South Pacific Bone Carving." "Louie the Fish" is an absolute Master in his own right, as both an Artist and an Angler.

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