Inshore Collection

Nautical Treasure Jewelry Inshore Fish Pendant Collection targets species of fish traditionally caught while flats fishing or backcountry fishing in nearshore waters, tidal creeks, bays, bayous, grass beds, oyster bars, and sand flats accessed by wading, flats boats, skiffs or gheenoes with anglers using light tackle and fly rods. 

The sole purpose of our designs and creations is explicitly to create anatomically correct wearable fish art, our pendants appeal to anglers that appreciate attention to detail and accuracy of the recreation of their favorite fish or targeted species.

We're just as passionate about fishing as we are designing our art as well as the process creating jewelry, and we understand there is no shortage of fish jewelry in the marketplace. As artists, anglers, and active members of the fishing community we continue to strive to bring something unique in the quality and composition of our work that sets us aside from others. Our designs are not highly circulated pieces that are common in seaside shops, nautical flea markets or boat shows.

Our pieces are cast in small batches and made by hand in the USA. The "Inshore Collection" comprises all species of Backcountry, Tidal waters, Inshore and Near shore waters including Estuaries, and Brackish water fish species targeted around the world. These species are generally targeted fishing tides, sight fishing with light tackle and/or fly rods. Some of the species you will find in this collection are Tarpon, Snook. Redfish, Permit, Black Drum, Bonefish, Flounder, In the South Pacific Giant Trevally the largest species in the Jack family, in Central America Roosterfish,  Speckled Sea Trout and occasionally juvenile and not so juvenile Goliath Grouper also known as Jewfish just  to name a few species. 

For Offshore and Pelagic species of fish targeted check out our new "Offshore Collection' and for saltwater bottom fish check out our "Reef And Wrecks Collection".

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