Sea Life Collection

Nautical Treasure's Sea Life Collection Offers a Wide Variety of Marine Life, Birds, Mammals, Crustaceans, Corals, Shells, and Designs that Incorporate Sea Life. 

The Sea Life Collection includes many of the Ocean lovers favorite species, And we've got something for everyone. 

Is your thing Sitting On The Dock of the Bay watching the porpoise frolic while they chase schools of baitfish or leaving the spigot slightly cracked open with the hose in the water waiting to catch a glimpse of a mother and calf manatee come take a swig. Are you a hardcore offshore team "Running and Gunning" all summer dodging afternoon thunderstorms while fishing 20+ miles out chasing the Magnificent Frigate Birds as they soar out sight and reappear out of no where to smash the bait on patch of sargassum at your 3 o'clock. Maybe you're the backcountry guide that takes the long way home to soak in all you can get out of the trip before the sundrops so you ease off the throttle a bit to spot eagle rays, stingrays, and every once in a blue moon the elusive Small-tooth sawfish. You could be a Shrimp boat captain or Mate in Key West, Murrells Inlet,  Bayou la Batre, Venice, Lousiana... or maybe your wait all year long from the first cold snap and watch lunar chart to break out the dip-nets to fill as many 5 gallon buckets of those succulent tasty treats... we've got a Shrimp pendant for you! Maybe the rod and reel isn't your thing, your idea of fishing is like a trip to the grocery store where you get to pick and chose what goes in your basket... armed with Hawaiian Sling, a Pole-spear or a net and tickle-stick we can all agree when its Spiny Lobster season and we pass up a bug in a hole its going in the basket whether its an appetizer or the main course.

It doesn't matter what drives you, or where you passion for the sea comes from... a movie, a documentary, a trip the Seaquarium when you were 9 years old, a social media influencer you follow on instagram. One thing that rings true is we are all connected by water quite literally, metaphorically and spiritually. We may have never met, but we know you... we are you... from Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas to Cay Sal Bank, from Staniel Cay to the Ginger Breads, From 10,000 Islands to the Middle Grounds, Cape Hatteras to Cape Fear to OBX, Beaufort to McClellanville, Chokoloskee to the Stick Marsh, Driving through the night in the middle of the work week because the weather broke and your buddy's charter cancelled at the last minute and you need vitamin sea!

If this sounds familiar to you it's because we're more alike than were not... a Creek, a Stream, Low Country, Bayous, Bays, Inshore, the Deep Blue...  Water is in our DNA, it removes our stress and worries and in return it grants us peace...

At Nautical Treasure our job is simple, that job is to create timeless heirloom quality jewelry that symbolizes the passion we share for the water.

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